Tullycast is Number One on Youtube

[In Good Company]

eh uh…….


Part of the game….


  1. Thanks for all your work in capturing and uploading the Real Time clips Tully ! Without HBO, it’s the only way I get to see the show πŸ™‚
    One question though, is there a way to mark the clips so we know which is which, or at least how many there are (usually 7). I understand there might be copyright problems (?) and you can’t use the old 1/5, 2/5… 5/5 system, but maybe you can add an approximate time index so we can figure out the sequence and total number of clips based on that…
    Thanks again !

  2. Deb says:

    Your account has been deleted from Youtube! I’m so bummed…….

  3. We’re Back Deb! TULLYCAST3 !!
    Thanks for your support!


  4. Tullycast3 – “Return of the Tullycast” πŸ™‚ Woohoo !

    By the way, I’m hoping you still have the parts from the 24th of October… I got all of them except “Playing to Joe The Plumber” which was deleted while I was getting the others 😦 Can you upload them again please ? I use a little application to download the parts to my computer and watch them later.

    If you’re worried about getting your YouTube account deleted, maybe you could give the episode parts a name or number and leave the links here ? Make it a little less obvious unless people know to look here for the file names ?

    Thanks again !

  5. Ooops, please disregard my request for the 24 October part… I just found the parts of the episode uploaded by “cmgba408”.
    Thanks again for all your effort. Look forward to the new Tullycast3 Real Time uploads πŸ™‚

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